Absorbent Article with Improved Liquid Acquisition Capacity

January 18, 2005

An absorbent article comprising a transverse direction and a longitudinal direction, two end edges extending in the transverse direction, two side edges extending in the longitudinal direction, edge portions comprising two end edge portions located at the end edges and two side edge portions located at the side edges has been issued a patent. The article also contains a primary liquid reception area located in the longitudinal direction between the end edge portions and in the transverse direction between the side edge portions, an upper surface, which is adapted to face a wearer during use and a lower surface, which is adapted to face away from a wearer during use, the upper surface being liquid-permeable at least within the primary liquid reception area. The absorbent article also comprising an absorption body with a liquid distribution layer, the absorption body comprises an upper layer and a lower layer, the upper layer having at least two separate parts, of which a first part is arranged in the primary liquid reception area and a second part is arranged in at least one of the edge portions of the article, and the liquid distribution layer is arranged above both the upper layer and the lower layer in the liquid reception area and between the upper layer and the lower layer in at least one edge portion, and the liquid distribution layer has lower density than both the upper layer and the lower layer.

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