Absorbent Article Having A Lotioned Topsheet

November 30, 2004

An absorbent article has been patented. The article includes a liquid impervious backsheet, a liquid pervious topsheet joined to the backsheet and an absorbent core positioned between the two. The topsheet has an inner surface oriented toward the interior of the absorbent article and an outer surface oriented toward the skin of the wearer. At least a portion of the topsheet outer surface comprises an effective amount of a lotion coating that is semi-solid or solid at 20° C. The lotion coating includes 10-95% of a water-free emollient with a plastic or fluid consistency at 20° C. The emollient contains 5% or less water and includes a member selected from the group consisting of petroleum-based emollients, fatty acid ester emollients, alkyl ethoxylate emollients and mixtures of these. On the outer surface of the topsheet is 5-90% of an agent capable of immobilizing the emollient. The immobilizing agent is miscible with the emollient and has a melting point of at least about 35°C. The immobilizing agent is selected from the group consisting of polyhydroxy fatty acid amides, C18-C22 fatty alcohols, C12-C22 fatty acids, C12-C22 fatty alcohol ethoxylates, waxes and mixtures of these.

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