Cloth-like decorative sleeve

April 13, 2004

A sleeve for containing a flower pot has been patented. The sleeve has an upper and an outer peripheral surface and a floral grouping. There is a closed lower end, an open upper end, an outer peripheral surface and an inner peripheral surface which, when the sleeve is open, defines and encompasses an inner retaining space. The sleeve is formed from a flexible, laminated polymeric material with at least one polymeric material laminated to a second material selected from the group consisting of paper and metallized foil. The flexible, laminated polymeric material has at least a portion of one surface modified or textured to provide the flexible, laminated polymeric material with an appearance or texture simulating cloth. The sleeve is comprised of a lower portion sized to contain the flower pot, the lower portion comprising and a base portion that has at least one surface that’s modified to provide it with a texture and/or appearance simulating the texture and/or appearance of cloth. The base portion is tapered, sized and dimensioned so that an inner peripheral surface is substantially adjacent to and surrounds the outer peripheral surface of the flower pot. In addition, a skirt portion is attached to and extends from the base portion, with the skirt portion extending beyond the upper end of the flower pot and adjacent to at least a portion of the floral grouping when the flower pot containing the floral grouping is disposed in the sleeve. An upper portion is connected to the skirt portion of the lower portion and sized to substantially surround and encompass the floral grouping disposed in the flower pot.