Disposable Absorbent Garment Having Stretchable Side Waist Regions

February 28, 2004

1. A disposable absorbent garment, comprising: a topsheet; a backsheet; and an absorbent core disposed between said topsheet and said backsheet, said topsheet, said backsheet and said absorbent core being assembled together to form a layered assembly including a front region, a back region, and a crotch region disposed between said front region and said back region, said layered assembly having a longitudinal plane that extends substantially centrally through said, front, back and crotch regions; wherein each of said front and back regions further includes at least a pair of ear portions extending in substantially opposite lateral directions with respect to said longitudinal plane, and wherein at least one of said ear portions includes a layered section comprising an outer material layer having an inside surface and an outside surface, said outside surface having a decorative or instructional display thereon and an elastic stretchable non-permanently elongated member extendible between a contracted configuration and an extended, non-permanently elongated configuration, said inside surface being secured to a corresponding surface of said stretchable member when said stretchable member is disposed in an extended configuration and said outside surface is disposed in a substantially planar configuration, wherein said display is observable thereon such that said outer material layer is subsequently contractible then extendible with said stretchable member and such that said outside surface is returnable to said substantially planar configuration without permanent elongation of said outer material layer and said stretchable non-permanently elongated member, wherein said display on said outside surface is unobscured and observable when said outside surface is disposed in said substantially planar configuration and said display is substantially less observable and less unobscured when said stretchable member is disposed in a contracted configuration.

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