Disposable Absorbent Article Having a Skin Care Composition Containing an Enzyme Inhibitor

February 28, 2004

1. An absorbent article having a skin care composition disposed on at least a portion of the article, the skin care composition is solid or semi-solid at 20° C. and comprises (i) from about 0.001% to about 50% of an enzyme inhibitor, (ii) from about 5% to about 95% of an emollient having a plastic or fluid consistency at 20° C., and (iii) from about 5% to about 95% of an agent capable of immobilizing the emollient in the article, wherein the immobilizing agent has a melting point of at least about 35° C. and the enzyme inhibitor has an IC50 of about 50 mM or less, as measured by a General Fecal Enzyme Method.