Absorbent Article Having a Body-accommodating Absorbent Core

February 28, 2004

An absorbent article, oriented along imaginary X-, Y-, and Z-axes, was issued a patent. The absorbent article includes a liquid permeable cover; a liquid impermeable baffle and an absorbent core with a length along the Y-axis, a width along the X-axis and a thickness along the Z-axis. The absorbent core is positioned between the cover and baffle and includes a flexure axis that extends longitudinally through a central portion of the absorbent core in alignment with the Y-axis. The central portion is between first and second side portions, and has a relatively lower density, while the first and second side portions have relatively higher densities. The first and second side portions are located transversely and extend in directions along the relatively lower density central portion. The article also features high density absorbent material in the central portion of the absorbent core between the relatively lower density region and the liquid impermeable baffle, thus providing a reservoir for retaining absorbed fluid.

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