Absorbent Article Containing Unitary Stratified Composite

February 28, 2004

An absorbent article with a liquid pervious topsheet was patented. The article also features an absorbent composite with a first stratum, a second stratum and a transition zone intermediate and coextensive with the first and second strata. The first stratum is made of hydrophobic fibers and a binder, while the second stratum is made of a binder and fibers selected from the group consisting of hydrophilic fibers, hydrophobic fibers, and mixtures thereof. The transition zone includes fibers from the first and second stratums, which are commingled uniformly across the composite’s width and length. Also included in the article are: a storage stratum made of absorbent fibrous material; an intermediate stratum interposed between the absorbent composite and the storage stratum; and a liquid impervious backsheet.