Disposable Pull-on Diaper Having Disposal Securing Means

December 10, 2003

A disposable pull-on diaper comprising a diaper body has been patented. The diaper contains an elastically stretchable fastening member and a hook member. The diaper body has in a longitudinal direction, a front and rear waist region that surrounds a crotch region. The diaper also comprises a liquid-pervious topsheet and a liquid-impervious backsheet surrounding a liquid-absorbent core. The front and rear waist regions are joined together along transversely opposite side edges to define a waist hole and a pair of leg holes. One elastically stretchable fastening member is provided on the diaper’s front half body, which extends from a transverse centerline and bisects the crotch region toward the front waist region. A rear half of the diaper body, which extends from the transverse centerline toward the rear waist region, has an elastically stretchable fastening member extending transversely to the diaper body. The fastening member comprises opposite end portions and an intermediate portion extending in between. The opposite end portions are directly secured to the diaper body and the intermediate portion is not. The intermediate portion is exposed on the backsheet’s outer surface and the hook member is provided on the longitudinal centerline in one of the front and rear halves to catch the intermediate portion when the diaper is rolled up after use. The intermediate portion extends around the rolled diaper body.

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