Prefolded Prefastened Incontinence Garment With Expandible Bellows

February 18, 2003

Patented is a packaged prefastened incontinence garment. The garment contains a front and a rear waist section, which include an area having a first panel with first fastening means and with edges folded outwardly of the garment and toward a longitudinal centerline of the garment. A second panel with second fastening means for cooperatively engaging the first fastening means. The second fastening means is permanently bonded to one of the front waist section of the garment and a rear waist section of the garment. Part of a garment section is attached to the second fastening means and is folded on itself with a weak bond holding the folded portions. The garment section is attached to the second fastening means and is weakly bonded to the outwardly folded edges of the first panel. The first and second fastening means are cooperatively engaged to create a prefastened diaper, which is packaged in a point-of-sale container.
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