Liquid-Pervious Topsheet For Disposable Absorbent Article And Process For Making The Same

February 11, 2003

A liquid-pervious composite plastic topsheet for a disposable absorbent article has been patented. The topsheet comprises a first plastic film layer defining an upper surface of the composite plastic topsheet, a second plastic film layer defining a lower surface of the composite plastic topsheet and a fibrous layer disposed between and joined to the first and second plastic film layers. The first plastic film layer has an upper and a lower surface, a thickness of approximately 0.001-0.05mm, multiple flat portions with widths of approximately 0.03-1mm and extending in parallel to one another in a first direction and several intermittent apertures extending in the first direction between the flat portions to form aperture rows extending parallel to one another in a first direction. Pairs of the flat portions with the aperture rows are interconnected by bridge portions that extend between and across the aperture rows. The bridge portions extending across the respective aperture rows are formed intermittently in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction, providing two types of bridge portions: those extending upward or downward from the upper surface of the flat portions to the upper surface of the respective adjacent flat portions to describe arcs and those that are flush with the flat portion. The intermittent apertures are defined by edges of the flat portions, which extend in the first direction and edges of the bridge portions, which extend in the second direction. The flat portions are formed along the edges that extend in the first direction with several first pointed tooth-shaped portions, which extend upward from upper surfaces of the flat portions. The second plastic film layer discrete elongate strip portions that extend parallel to one another in the first direction and are spaced apart in the second direction. Individual ones of the elongate strip portions are aligned and configured to lie beneath part of one of each of the aperture rows.

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