Disposable Diape

February 4, 2003

A disposable diaper including a liquid-pervious topsheet and a liquid-impervious backsheet surrounding a liquid-absorbent core, has been patented. The diaper contains a pair of barrier cuffs formed on the diaper’s top surface, made of a nonwoven fabric. The cuffs include a proximal end positioned on the top surface of the diaper; a risible wall projecting upward from the proximal end; a sealing surface zone formed on top of the risible wall to extend transversely of the diaper and elastic members extending longitudinally from the barrier cuff and secured under tension to the sealing surface zone. The nonwoven fabric is spunbonded and is made by combining a sleeve component of polyethylene and a wick component of a thermoplastic synthetic resin, other than polyethylene, into wick/ sleeve type conjugated fibers. The nonwoven has a stiffness of approximately 0.015-0.020 gfcm2/cm in a machine direction and approximately 0.002-0.005 gfcm2/cm in a customer direction of the fabric, as measured by the KES bending tester KES FB-3.

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