Absorbent Article Having Good Body Fit Under Dynamic Conditions

January 7, 2003

An absorbent article having a crotch region and a body side has been patented. The article comprises a liquid-impervious backsheet and a liquid-pervious topsheet surrounding an absorbent core. The absorbent member has a width in the crotch region and includes a shaping line. An outer absorbent member with a width in the crotch region greater than the width of the central absorbent member in the crotch region. The absorbent core comprises two crease lines in the outer absorbent member or along the boundary between the central and outer absorbent member. The two crease lines and the shaping line each define a sudden change in material properties of the absorbent core so that the article is adapted to deflect in a direction away from the body along two crease lines and in a direction toward the body side along the shaping line upon application of compressive forces laterally to the crotch region. The article also comprises a wicking barrier between the central and the outer absorbent member.

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