Distribution Strip For Absorbent Products

December 17, 2002

Patented is an absorbent structure for a disposable product to absorb bodily fluids. The structure features a fluid storage layer including matrix fibers, a superabsorbent polymer for receiving fluids and a distribution strip positioned below the fluid storage layer. The distribution strip includes cellulose fibers selected from a group consisting of cotton linters, mercerized cellulose and chemically treated cellulose and mixtures. The chemically treated cellulose is treated with a polyvalent ion that is selected from a group consisting of aluminum, calcium, magnesium and mixtures, and the distribution strip has a basis weight between 45-140 gpsm. The strip also has a density of between 0.25-0.55 gpcc, where one hour after three 100 ml insults to the structure, at 20-minute intervals in a last-three-inches-of-the-fluid-storage-layer-longitudinal-and-transverse-horizontal-wicking test, the fluid storage layer has horizontal wicking of 22g/g or greater.

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