Disposable Absorbent Article With A Skin Care Composition On An Apertured Topsheet

December 17, 2002

A disposable absorbent article has been patented. The article comprises a liquid-pervious structured carrier with an inner surface oriented toward the interior of the disposable absorbent article. The article also features an outer surface oriented toward the wearer’s skin when the disposable absorbent article is worn. The structured carrier has an effective open area of approximately 12% and a plurality of apertures with an effective size greater than 0.1mm2. The carrier’s outer surface features an effective amount of a skin care composition, which is semi-solid or solid at 20°C and is partially transferable to the wearer’s skin. A liquid-impervious backsheet is partially peripherally joined to the carrier and an absorbent core intermediate the carrier and the backsheet.

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