Flexible Sheet For Disposable Garment

November 12, 2002

A flexible sheet for a disposable garment has been patented. The sheet comprises an apertured web, which contains a plastic web with longitudinal and transverse directions from approximately 0.00-0.05mm thick and flat portions that are approximately 0.03-1mm wide and imperforated. Intermittent apertures extend in the longitudinal direction between the flat portions with upper and lower surfaces to form aperture rows that extend parallel to each another in a longitudinal direction. Pairs of flat portions have the aperture rows in between and are interconnected by bridge portions, which extend between and across the rows. The bridge portions are formed intermittently in the transverse direction to provide two types of bridge portions: those that extend upward or downward from the upper surfaces' flat portions to form arcs and those that are flush with the flat portions. The intermittent apertures are defined by flat and bridge portion edges. The flat portions are provided along the edges that extend in the longitudinal direction with a first set of pointed tooth-shaped portions extending upward from the flat portions. The fibrous layer is joined to the lower surfaces of the flat portions and comprises component fibers assembled together by mechanical intertwining, heat-sealing or adhesive bonding of the component fibers. The fibrous layer contains thermoplastic synthetic, chemical and natural fibers.

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