Pull-on Disposable Diaper

November 5, 2002

A disposable pants-type diaper, comprising a liquid-pervious topsheet and a liquid-impervious backsheet surrounding a liquid-absorbent core, has been patented. The diaper also features a front and rear waist region surrounding a crotch region. The front and rear waist regions are placed upon each other with the topsheet inside along respective transversely opposite side edges of the diaper and are bonded together to define a waist-opening and a pair of leg-openings. The waist-opening and leg-openings have an elastic circumferential stretchability. The diaper comprises fastening tape strips for holding the diaper in a rolled up state for disposal. The fastening tape strips are provided on an outer surface of the liquid-impervious backsheet in a vicinity of one of the transversely opposite side edges of one of the front and rear waist regions. Each of the fastening tape strips comprise a first portion extending parallel to the side edges longitudinally from the diaper and a second portion extending from a predetermined region of the first portion longitudinally or transversely from the diaper. The first portion has longitudinally opposite end regions bonded to the diaper in a vicinity of an edge of the waist-opening and in a vicinity of an edge of the leg-opening so that one of an intermediate region extending between the longitudinally opposite end regions of said first portion and the second portion defines an anchoring zone that is removably anchored on an outer peripheral surface of the rolled up diaper.

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