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Feminine Hygiene Pad

Published November 5, 2002
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A feminine hygiene pad with a wider absorbent forward pad portion and a relatively narrow rear portion has been patented. The pad is adapted to be worn between the buttocks of a user. The rear portion has a rear edge and a rear width between the rear side edges. The forward pad portion has forward side edges including divergent side edge portions diverging from the rear side edges and a transition from the divergent side edge portions to non-divergent side edge portions. The forward pad portion increases in width between the divergent side edges to a location along the longitudinal dimension corresponding to a pad width that is twice the rear width. The pad portion has a forward pad length measured from the location along the longitudinal dimension to a front edge of the pad. A rear portion has a rear length measured from the rear edge to the location along the longitudinal dimension. The forward pad length is one and one half times longer than the rear length. A border of relatively thin material is featured along part of the side edges.