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Disposable Sanitary Garment

Published October 8, 2002
Patented is a disposable sanitary garment with inner and outer surfaces. The garment consists of a chassis, which defines the outer surface and includes transversely opposed side edge portions, which circumferentially extend around a wearer’s thighs. A pair of first leg hole elastic members extend along the edges of the side edge portions circumferentially around the wearer’s thighs and a pair of second leg hole elastic members extend from the edges of the side edge portions along circular arcs that are convex inwardly from the crotch region. The chassis is folded back inwardly along the second leg-hole elastic members to wrap around the second leg holes’ two opposite sides of the second leg holes and form a folded zone. Part of the chassis extends inside the folded zone and is folded back outwardly from the garment.