Absorbent article with improved feces containment characteristics

November 30, -0001

1. An absorbent article having a first waist region, a second waist region and a crotch region located between the first waist region and the second waist region, the absorbent article further comprising: a topsheet including a primary aperture for receiving fecal waste, a backsheet joined with at least a portion of the topsheet, an absorbent core disposed between at least a portion of the topsheet and the backsheet, a spacing member disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet which provides a void space into which the fecal waste can be directed, wherein the spacing member withstands at least 0.5 psi while compressing no more than 60%, and compresses less under a pressure of about 1 psi when in a wet state than in a dry state; and a body adhering composition disposed about at least a portion of the primary aperture for adhering the topsheet of the absorbent article to a wearer during use.

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