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Special Delivery: Sheet Mask Subscription Service Launches

By Tara Olivo, associate editor | April 27, 2017

Facetory sources unique sheet masks from Korea for K-Beauty enthusiasts in the U.S.

Korean facial sheet masks continue to gain popularity in the U.S., and a new California-based company hopes to tap into this growing market. Facetory, a monthly subscription-based sheet mask service that launched in October, offers a variety of exclusive masks that have little exposure in the Western market.

"When beauty enthusiasts visit Korea, sheet masks are one of the most popular products they bring back to the U.S. because [they] are one of the most effective products to improve skin condition and a must have for the K-Beauty skincare routine,” says Facetory’s CEO and co-founder Sang Lee.

Lee says there are over 10,000 different sheet masks available in the Korean market, but less than 10% of these are available in the U.S.

Each month, Facetory scours the Korean sheet mask market for new masks that aren’t known to U.S. beauty aficionados. After testing them out, the company narrows down the selection before including them in a subscription box.

Facetory offers two subscription options. Four-ever Fresh is considered its entry-level plan for those who are just discovering sheet masks. This box includes more fabric-type masks that use cotton and cellulose, and sheet masks with the most essential functions and features. It comes with four sheet masks for a price of $5.95. Seven Lux is a premium plan that includes more diverse selections such as hydrogels and multi-step masks with higher quality ingredients. This box comes with seven sheet masks for a price of $15.95.

Limited edition theme boxes are also available, which include a Mother’s Day Sheet Mask Bundle and a specialty box from the brand Oozoo.

But sheet masks aren’t just for the ladies. The company recently came out with a limited edition men’s box that includes six different masks, a welcome card and an insert with tips and directions on sheet masking for the price of $24.95.

“Facetory has noticed an upward trend in men entering the beauty scene,” says Chan Park, FaceTory co-founder and COO. “Whether it be fashion, makeup, skincare, or K-Beauty, men are now having a huge influence in the once predominantly female industry.”

Lee adds, “We are on a mission to introduce high quality and hidden mask sheet gems at affordable pricing by carefully curating and directly sourcing them from the manufacturer.” 

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