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Tamicare Offers New Technology for Fem Hy Market

By Karen McIntyre, senior editor | November 7, 2013

Three-dimensional printing technology creates revolutionary nonwoven fabric.

At INDA’s 2013 RISE (Research, Innovation, Science for Engineered Fabrics) conference, executives from Tamicare showcased their three-dimensional printing technology for feminine hygiene products. The UK-based company manufactures Cosyflex, a revolutionary nonwoven fabric, based on a unqiue combination of a natural elastomer and cotton filament. The fabric relies on 3D printing technology, sprayed in layers, to make a fabric that is stretchable in all directions.

Cosyflex is made on a patented machine featuring engravers on the web formers to form a fabric with as many layers as necessary. The line can take the product from the raw material to the finished product so there is no need for extra converting equipment. Because the material is made with a spray gun, there is no waste.

For the feminine hygiene market, an absorbent pad, also made by Tamicare, is molded within Cosiflex to create a sandwich construction panty that can be worn up to 12 hours without leakage even during the heaviest flow cycles., according to Tamicare founder Tamar Giloh.

Although not yet commercially available, Tamicare plans to soon launch a feminine hygiene pants-style product in Israel. Introductions outside of Israel are expected to follow with partners, Giloh explains.

Beyond feminine hygiene, Cosyflex is gaining interest in the medical market as a compression bandage or within the cosmetics market as a mask. “Anywhere a piece of fabric would need many levels of compression is ideal for this product,” Giloh explains.

Tamicare is currently moving into a new 1800 square meter plant in Manchester, U.K. The new site will allow the company to expand its current pilot scale production in response to interest in the new technology. Tamicare has worked with researchers at the Nonwovens Institute at University of Leeds on the technology.

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