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Ahlstrom Announces Virus Testing Capability for Disruptor Water Filter Media

November 8, 2012

New lab will support global growth of water filtration technology.

Ahlstrom Corporation has internally validated a biological testing laboratory at its Advanced Filtration plant in Mount Holly Springs, PA, to support the global growth of its Disruptor water filtration technology.

With this lab, Ahlstrom is able to test Disruptor for the removal efficiency, or Log Reduction Value (LRV), of virus and bacteria.

“Submicron efficiency validation of Disruptor is critical for our customers who are using Ahlstrom Disruptor in the most demanding drinking water applications. New laboratory techniques were also developed specifically for rapid flat sheet LRV testing of cryptosporidium (cysts) sized particles as well,” says Rod Komlenic, product manager for Disruptor technology.

Ahlstrom Disruptor water filtration technology delivers the filtration efficiency of ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis membranes but at flux rates many times higher than possible with polymeric membranes. The Ahlstrom Disruptor technology is capable of reducing many pathogens, cell debris and a wide range of submicron particulates through electroadsorption and hydrophobic interactions.

Due to its large pore size, it is not possible to test the sub-micron removal efficiency of Ahlstrom Disruptor using test methods typically used for nonwoven macrofiltration media the company says. Currently used tests such as bubble point, pore size, monodispersed beads or test dusts are all virtually not compatible as direct indicators of pathogen reduction or filtration efficiency in the submicron range when dealing with adsorptive media.

“The construction of this lab is the first of its kind within Ahlstrom to have been installed at a plant site for testing of pathogen removal by a nonwovens media,” says Fulvio Capussotti, vice president of Advanced Filtration. “This investment again demonstrates Ahlstrom’s continued commitment to the highest quality standards for all grades of Ahlstrom Disruptor water filtration media.”

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