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Glatfelter presentation shows insights into airlaid business

By Karen McIntyre, Editor | December 13, 2011

Feminine hygiene, adult incontinence applications on top

In a meeting with investors, Glatfelter shared some insight into the airlaid business it acquired from Concert Industries early last year. According to the company, its airlaid business remains a market leader in adult incontinence and feminine hygiene where it is able to remain an innovation leader by working with key market leaders to develop next generation products.
This strategy helped the company grow its airlaid shipments by 17% in 2011. This led to sales of $248 million and profits of $19.2 million.
Currently 81.5% of Glatfelter's airlaid sales are in the feminine hygiene market while 3.2% are in adult incontinence. Both of these markets are growing 6-7% annually. Other important markets include home care, representing 7.1% and food pads, which comprise 4.2%.

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