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June 14, 2005

a look at what’s new with equipment suppliers

photo courtesy of Enercon
Enercon Industries and Sigma Technologies, Menomonee Falls, WI, have developed an atmospheric plasma treatment system for nonwovens and filtration media called Plasma3TM. Plasma3TM operates at atmospheric pressure and commercial line speeds. The system combines Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge (APGD) technology with a precursor delivery system, to clean and functionalize the surfaces of a variety of commercial substrates including nonwovens, filtration media, films, papers, foils and powders. The system is also capable of simultaneously introducing gaseous precursors into the plasma region where activation creates a high concentration of free radicals and other active species on the substrate surface. Telephone: 262-255-6070; Fax: 262-255-7784; E-mail: info@ enerconind.com; Website: www.enerconind.com.

With 266 baby diaper machines manufactured since the company was founded, Fameccanica, Teatino, Italy, has sold 31 lines during the past two years. Fameccanica’s Superstar baby diaper machine, which was introduced in 2000, offers operating ease, high efficiency and waste performance standards and upgradability. The company also contributed to the launch of training pant machinery and now supplies machines that offer elastic stretch panels and different size configurations at higher production speeds. For each configuration, Fameccanica has developed technologies for state-of-the-art systems for accurately applying elastic materials to guarantees adequate fits. Fameccanica’s FA-X Superstar TP is more flexible and can be configured to produce training pants and standard baby diapers on the same line. The company will also soon begin manufacturing training pants on its FA-X Superstar XP, with cross direction process manufacturing. Telephone: 39-085-45531; Fax: 39-085-44609-98; E-mail: staff@fameccanica.com; Website: www.fameccanica.com.

photo courtesy of Glenro

The Chemical Foam Systems manufactured by Gaston Systems, Stanley, NC, have recently been equipped with new software to enhance specific operating and cleaning sequences to give customers a broader application flexibility. The systems are operator friendly and reportedly require no more than one day of training for buyers for full production. Telephone: 704-263-6000; Fax: 704-263-0954; E-mail: GASTONSYS@aol.com.

Glenro, Paterson, NJ, designs and manufactures gas infrared predryers for nonwovens finishing lines. The predryers feature Glenro’s Radplane rapid-response, gas infrared heaters. In a typical configuration, the heaters are mounted on two vertical steel frames to form a gas infrared oven with a small footprint that removes a large amount of moisture in the nonwoven web before final drying. Insulated, adjustable reflectors at the predryer’s entrance and exit ends minimize ambient air infiltration and improve energy efficiency. Double-wall doors are also insulated and the dryers contain heat in their processing areas to allow easy access to the oven interior for maintenance. The predryers also feature exhaust hoods to remove water vapor and a combustion control system designed to adjust the air/gas mixture to the infrared heaters by a thermocouple control loop. This maintains a constant infrared heater face temperature. Telephone: 973-279-5900; Fax: 973-279-9103; E-mail: jim va@glenro.com; Website: www.glenro.com.

photo courtesy of Nordson

Several product introductions from Nordson Nonwovens Systems, Dawsonville, GA, can provide disposable product manufacturers with new performance capabilities while improving their hot melt adhesive and production efficiency. An elastic attachment with the SureWrap process improves creep resistance with lower adhesive add-on rates. Lamination and core stabilization benefit from enhanced bond strength and improved pattern cross-web uniformity using the Summit II applicator. For high speed production, the E-400 electric applicator delivers rapid dispensing, accurate pattern control and extended service life. Telephone: 800-727-7224; Fax: 706-216-2981; E-mail: nonwovens@nordson.com; Website: www.nordson.com.

photo courtesy of Nordson

The Center of Excellence testing facility at Nordson Fiber Systems’, Dawsonville, GA site actively conducts research and production trials for nonwovens manufacturers to accurately qualify substrate characteristics and costs. The pilot line is capable of producing mono and bicomponent spunbond, meltblown and SMS composites at full production speeds. Recent trials resulted in the sale of a Nordson 3.2-meter-wide multibeam spunbond system to General Tekstil sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Gaziantep, Turkey. The system can processes polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester and other raw materials for nonwovens fabric production. Telephone: 877-256-5227; Fax: 706-216-1517; E-mail: fibers@nordson.com; Website: www.nordson.com.

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