ITMA 2003 Hits Birmingham

June 14, 2005

machinery manufacturers to promote latest technologies

Scheduled to be held at The National Exhibition Center (NEC) in Birmingham, U.K., the International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITMA), will feature approximately 1300 exhibitors from 44 countries, which will display the latest advancements in textile and nonwovens technology. The event, which is sponsored by the European Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (CEMATEX), will be held from October 22-29 and is expected to attract more than 100,000 visitors from 140 countries.

New to ITMA this year is an international forum, which was implemented after The NEC noticed a growing demand for a conference that addressed strategic business issues. The forum, which will be held October 23-26, will feature two sessions per day and will be based on a roundtable discussion from leading specialists. The session topics include China, Trade Developments, Corporate Finance, Skills Management, Supply Chain Management and Technical Textiles.

The China session will discuss regional organizations’ roles in stimulating bilateral relations and opportunities for textile manufacturers, as well as available product markets and Chinese-foreign partnerships. Meanwhile, the Trade Developments session includes topics on how government and industry bodies will remain competitive in the domestic textile and clothing industries; current bilateral trade agreements between major trading partners and how these will impact the trading environment and countries using non-trade barriers to offer protection for troubled industries. On the Corporate Finance front, the session covers topics such as Access to Financial Markets and Financial Planning, Project Finance and Company Restructuring. Skills Management will encapsulate sessions ranging from employee training and training investments to tools companies can use to upgrade workers’ skills, as well as how emerging economies learn from difficulties faced by Europe. U.S. Supply Chain Management will comprise discussions on succeeding in a price-led market, collaboration, trust and information sharing and the impact e-commerce has had on streamlining supplier relations. Lastly, sessions on geographical markets, product development and new applications, company restructuring and stimulating an innovative business environment will comprise the Technical Textiles session of forum.

Gaston Systems—Hall 7, Stand DF7-6H
Gaston Systems’ latest double-sided Chemical Foam System application system will be on display at its stand at ITMA. The Stanley, NC-based company will demonstrate the ease of the machine’s operation through using its operator interface panel.

Gaston Systems
Telephone: 704-263-6000
Fax: 704-263-0954
E-mail: gastonsys@aol.com

Ateliers Pierret—Hall 3, Stand SP3

Ateliers Pierret will promote its waste reclamation lines, specialty cutting machines and flock-printing machines. Based in Corbion, Belgium, the company has a long history of innovative systems for textile processing and waste recovery.

Autefa—Hall 4, Stand NW4-13A
Autefa, Friedberg, Germany will display a fully erected Model C Lift-Box Baler with an automatic wrap and strap. The newest version of the company’s Lift-Box baler series, the baler provides an economic entry into automated wrap-and-strap capabilities for all staple producers. The baler series is designed specifically for the replacement baler market. Also presented will be a new auto-doffing/donning system, designed specifically for BCF yarn production facilities, as well as a new bobbin inspection unit for automated packing.

Befama—Hall 4, Stand SP4-17B
Befama, Bielsko-Biala, Poland, will showcase its two doffing combs for roller cards for wool and man-made fibers at ITMA. The company manufactures two types of combs: the Single Comb Type G1 0981 and Sectional Comb Type G2 0982. The single comb runs at a maximum speed of 2300 rpm and is suitable for doffer speeds up to 60 m/min with a working width from 500-2200mm, while the sectional comb offers a maximum speed of 3300 rpm and is ideal for doffer speeds up to 90 m/min and can be used with materials 1800-3000mm wide. The combs can be driven by a separate motor or directly from the doffer and achieve a vibration frequency up to 3300 rpm, thanks to its lightweight aluminum arms that contain a specially profiled comb blade.

Bematic—Hall 4, Stand NW4-12A

Promoting its nonwoven carding lines and air forming lines will be Bematic, Prato, Italy. The company will display the Bemaopener and the Bemamixer at its stand. The Bemaopener offers a gentle method of opening a variety of fibers and features an opening cylinder to ensure the pre-opening, blending and mixing with a high volume of circulating fibers. The Bemamixer has been specifically developed to ensure optimization in fiber blending before processing in a direct felt line or traditional carding system. The machine features four, counter-rotating blending rolls, which gently open and blend the fibers without using nip rollers, as well as a high capacity, upper silo.

Bombi—Hall 4, Stand NW4-12C
Bombi Meccanica will exhibit its three-roll calender for geotextiles as well as a fully electronic foamer and guillotine cutter at ITMA. The Firenze, Italy-based company’s calender can accommodate three rolls with a 660mm diameter and 6800mm length and features an adjustable roll gap with motors and displays in the control board. Rolls can be hard chromed and polished with adjustable temperatures. The calender can calibrate the material at the right thickness and can reduce the peeling effect and roll diameter.

Calemard—Hall 5, Stand OM5-27H
Calemard, Roche la Moliére, France, a division of the Etic Group, will present its slitters and rewinders, spooling lines and re-rolling machines. The company will also promote its lengthwise slitting and benches, which are used by manufacturers of home furnishings, clothing, filtration media, car interior, hygiene and medical items and ultraviolet protection materials. Calemard’s latest innovation is the Softedger, which can cut and seal narrow strips to obtain strong, soft and well-sealed edges.

Campen Machinery—Hall 8, Stand DF8-10C

Hornslet, Denmark-based Campen Machinery’s restatic pope winder is designed and constructed to maintain 100% web control from the first to last wound centimeter during non-stop nonwovens production. The double-center drive, combined with the patented double pope roller system, ensures exact tension, torque and press roller contact, all during roll changes. The winder is designed for a roll width up to five meters and a diameter up to three meters. Maximum winding speed is set to 800 m/min.

Cason Construzione Macchine Tessili—Hall 2, Stand SP2-13D

Cason’s, Montonate di Mornago, Italy, stand will feature the all-purpose Bobbin Stripper, Type 2M/T2-A. The 2M/T2-A has quick-change mandrels designed to allow yarn stripping from various sized and shaped tubes with minimal change over time. This automatic unit was designed to allow bobbin tube saving and reuse. Additionally, Cason will show an Aircutter for removing yarn from spools and the AC/UNO for ring tubes.

Decoup+—Hall 5, Stand OM5-27H

An industrial range of ultrasonic solutions for cutting, sealing and splicing thermofusible products will be featured at Saint Chamond, France-based Decoup+’s stand. The company’s latest equipment can be fitted onto looms to cut and seal fabric edges during weaving operations. For forming, drying and other woven products, Decoup+’s new cut-and-seal ultrasonic lamination process provides strong edges without over-thickness to increase product longevity.

Dell ‘Orco & Vilani—Hall 4, Stand NW4-12B
A batch blending system and a continuous weighing system will be the focus of Dell ‘Orco & Vilani’s booth. The Capalle, Italy-based company’s batch system allows users to weigh, blend and open up to seven different components by using seven hoppers and feeders. The quantity of fibers is controlled by an industrial computer and a set of mechanical devices that prevents additional amounts of fibers from falling into the way pan at the end of the batch. For higher production rates, the continuous weighing system offers a hopper/feeder that opens fiber bales by a volumetric chute, which then forms a uniform and continuous web that is transferred to a conveyor.

Dilo —Hall 4, Stand NW 4-14 A
On display at Dilo’s stand will be its latest generation of high capacity needlelooms, including the Hyperpunch. Dilo’s Hyperpunch technology has reportedly had continuous improvements and is now setting the standard for a variety of needling processes. Additionally, Spinnbau, Dilo’s subsidiary, will present several new developments to its high capacity cards at Dilo’s booth.

Enka Tecnica—Hall 2, Stand SP2-15A
A demonstration portraying bicomponent technology will be a special feature of Enka Tecnica’s booth. Using exhibits through an enlarged transparent model, Enka Tecnica will demonstrate how this technique functions accurately. Enka Tecnica monitoring systems will be displayed featuring a range of new and revised products. Sharing stand space with Enka Tecnica will be parent company Heberlein Fiber Technology, Wattwil, Switzerland. Heberlein will display the latest technology for air intermingling devices, texturizing and interlacing jets, as well as hand held splicers and aspirators.

Fab-Con—Hall 16, Booth DF16-4C

Fab-Con, Port Washington, NY, will introduce the S-Series StableSizer at ITMA. This new, simplified two-roll open width compactor can be used for a variety of fabrics, including knits, wovens and nonwovens. The S-Series StableSizer features digital controls and reduces shrinkage and improves the fabrics’ hand.

Fehrer AG—Hall 4, Booth SP4-3C
Fully operating needlepunching machines and dref friction spinning machines will be operating at Linz, Austria-based Fehrer’s booth, including the company’s new Dref 3000 friction spinning machine, the Carpet Star needlepunching machine and the Yarnpuncher. The Dref 3000 machine is capable of producing multicomponent yarns in one operation. The Carpet Star offers a structuring system comprised of two independently operating needle zones, which allow a new range of repeat patterns and needled carpets with borders on all sides. The Yarnpuncher mechanically strengthens yarns through needlepunching and can improve the sheath and core binding in composite yarns.

Fleissner—Hall 4, Booth NW4-3A
Fleissner GmbH & Co. KG, Egelsbach, Germany, will display its AquaJet spunlace system, which is used for carded webs and spunbonded materials. In extensive trials with Fleissner customers, the AquaJet process was upgraded to accommodate natural fibers. Hemp and flex bonding capabilities allow the equipment to produce nonwovens for automotives and home furnishings with weights up to 1500 g/m. AquaJet produces cotton pads for makeup removal, cotton webs with smooth, apertured or structured surfaces for medical, hygiene, sanitary and cosmetic applications and wipes and wet wipes and cotton/synthetic fiber blends for light and heavyweight nonwoven webs.

Also scheduled for display is Fleissner’s AquaPulp system for two- and three-layer composites. Combining spunlaced and airlaid processes, AquaPulp manufactures composites with strength, bulk, softness and absorbency, according to company executives.

Foster Needle—Hall 4, Stand NW4-20B
Foster Needle, Manitowoc, WI, will display a full range of felting and fork needles. New to Foster Needle’s product offerings is the Conical Star Blade, which will also be presented. The Star Blade is well suited for heavier technical felts where needle breakage is a problem. The tapered blade of the conical section, combined with the four-edged working blade, makes this high-performance needle as easily breakable as non-tapered needles.

Galan Textile Machinery SL—Hall 3, Stand SP3-15B
Barcelona-based Galan will offer a full range of traditional staple fiber processing machinery, including various ring-spinning frames, cone winders, doubling winders, twisters and cabling machines.

Garnett Controls, Hall 5, Stand T5-10D
Garnett Controls, Bradford, U.K., will present its microprocessor-controlled cross feed and laying system for woolen carding. Designed to optimize cross card uniformity, the unit uses the latest microprocessor technology with a precision drive system to optimize the transfer and distribution of card sliver between carding sections. The equipment forms part of an expanded portfolio of specialist machines offered by Garnett, which includes filling and roll-up equipment for the production of pillows and quilts, as well as hopper feeds and fiber blenders. In addition to new machinery, Garnett’s products have been designed to retrofit existing machines to improve the productivity of nonwovens and traditional carding lines.

Graf + Cie AG—Hall 2, Booth SP2-6C
Metallic and flexible card cloths for roller cards will be on display at Graf + Cie’s booth. The Rapperswil, Switzerland-based company will also be providing information about its compact service and maintenance equipment for roller cards.

Groz-Beckert—Hall 5, Stand K5-12A and Hall 4, Stand NW4-4F
Having two separate stands at ITMA will be Albstadt, Germany-based Groz-Beckert. At Stand K5-12A, the company will display its group knitting machine and spring beard needles as well as sewing machine needles. Meanwhile, felting and tufting needles will be displayed at Groz-Beckert’s NW4-4F stand.

Hastem Transportbänder GmbH— Hall 4, Stand NW4-4G
The C- and AB-series of transport aprons will be the highlight of Hastem’s stand. The Noerdlingen, Germany-based company developed its line of C-aprons designed for the transport of web and wadding and loose fiber materials. The aprons are mainly used as delivery aprons in crosslappers and as feeder aprons in needling machines. The AB-series contains interchangeable components that allow users to mix and match their slat profiles, inserts, slat distances, belts, needles and other components to fit a wide range of applications. Also being promoted will be the new CC25GN slat, which features a grained, overflow-free surface, guaranteeing adequate adhesion of filaments on the lattice.

Idrosistem—Hall 20, Stand DF20-3B
The latest in wastewater recycling will be presented at Bassano del Grappa, Italy-based Idrosistem Energy’s ITMA stand. The company’s compact and automatic-functioning water recovery system removes 95% of all COD in the water and obtains 100% color removal, ensuring that the highest quality of water is returned to production. The system is geared toward companies faced with increasing water costs and stricter legislation on discharged water.

Eduard Küsters Maschinenfabrik GmbH—Hall 20, Stand DF 20-13A
The Swimming Roll (S-Roll) and the HyCon calender will be promoted at Krefeld, Germany-based Küsters’ booth. HyCon ensures a constant, high linear pressure of 300 n/mm, over extreme material widths. Both the S-Roll and HyCon can be viewed at Küsters’ exhibits in original production rolls, which have been cross sectioned to show their internal structures. Also presented will be the company’s new thermal bonding calender, the Kiss-Roll Applicator, which can be used during hydrophilic/hydrophobic finishing and the Küsters Squeezer for water removal during spunlacing.

Laroche—Hall 4, Stand NW4-8B

Cours La Ville, France-based Laroche will display its textile waste recycling process for nonwovens spinning as well as an airlaid machine for nonwoven mat production. The company’s textile waste recycling equipment is specifically designed to process short staple and open end spinning with a combination of the 1m diameter Jumbo cylinder and a 600mm-diameter cylinder. Laroche’s airlaid machine manufactures nonwoven mats up to 3900mm wide with specific weights from 300 to more than 4000 gpsm depending on fiber characteristics.

Mahlo—Hall 7, Stand DF7-3B

Mahlo, Saal/Donau, Germany, will display its Orthomat MFRC-12, RFMC-12, GRMC-12 and RFMC-10E straightening systems at ITMA. These systems all feature new, multifunctional scanners, which establish the prerequisites for fully automatic control. Mahlo’s products are further distinguished by intelligent sensors, internal and external data communication via Ethernet, TFT display and control terminals with multilingual audio response, diagnostic systems and intuitive, user-friendly control facilities.

Masias Maquinaria—Hall 4, Stand NW4-8D
Carding machinery manufacturer Masias Maquinaria, Girona, Spain, will be promoting its three-meter, web-laying carding machine, the TA-5/16-DLL-D. Featuring an automatically adjustable carding plate system under its licker-in cylinder, the machine has a low-intensity lateral movement applied on randomizer cylinders. The medium/ high intensity movement allows for the production of a homogeneous web by crossing the fibers and the web-adjusting device over the whole width, which is equipped with edge cutting and suction.

Mercier Freres—Hall 4, Stand SP4-19B

Mercier Freres, Lonato, Italy, will display slitting machines used for slitting and leveling a wide array of nonwoven fabrics.

Mozart AG—Hall 5, Stand OM5-34D

Mozart will present of its full line of specialty cutting blades and knives. Mozart offers cutting equipment to cut staple fiber, fiberglass or tape and film slitting.

NSC Nonwoven: Asselin, Thibeau Schlumberger—Hall 4, Stand SP4-3B
NSC Nonwoven, Tourcoing, France, which comprises Asselin, Elbeuf sur Seine, France; Thibeau, Tourcoing, France and NSC Schlumberger, Cedex, France, will display a wide array of new machinery at its ITMA stand. The company’s new CA-12 and CA-14 cards offer humidity control, piloting with industrial personal computers and a blowing network and can process materials at speeds more than 400 kg/hr/m. The Ouat!sys, an NSC patented system, can be integrated into crosslappers and can lap high condensed carded webs. Also promoted will be NSC’s self-regulated ProDyn needlepunch system, which can adjust the batt profile and compensate weight distortions during bonding. AirWeb-C and AirWeb-T are NSC’s latest technologies for composite products and feature a high-speed turbo unit for isotropic fabrics between 35-250gpsm. Both machines offer a combination of pulp layers and in-line production of different web structures.

Nordson—Hall 6, Stand DF6-17D
Both Nordson’s Dawsonville, GA-based Coating Systems Group and Fiber Systems Group will exhibit at ITMA. The Coating Systems group will highlight the Porous Coat lamination process, the Summit II, and the BC 70 non-contact coating applicator. Meanwhile, the Fiber Systems Group will showcase its spunbonded and melt blown spinnerets, a small bicomponent die and various samples that are produced on the company’s Center of Excellence pilot line in Dawsonville.

Nowo Textile Machinery—Hall 4, Stand NW4-9E
Nowo will promote its integral, precision weighing for fast material flow. The Turku, Finland-based company’s Nowo Q quilting line includes all stages of production, including a bale opener, a volumetric feeding device, SmartCard and feeding the fiber mat and cloth fabric to the quilting machine. The process is synchronized so that the entire line will stop without the need for extra storage space. Nowo Q can also be used for wadding production.

OMMI SpA—Hall 2, Stand SP2-8D
Among OMMI SpA’s new developments presented at ITMA will be its new bale opener, the CED/1650 and the new VFO/C Vertical Fine Opener. The CED/1650 features an electronic weighting pan with a mechanical tilting platform. Meanwhile, the VFO/C comprises four feeding cylinders with a combo silo, which features a pre-opener and band condenser. The VFO/C is suitable for opening any fiber type, especially long and delicate fibers, and features two larger cylinders for introducing the fibers into the machine and two smaller, fluted cylinders to hold the fibers as they are opened by the drums’ pins.

Robatech AG—Hall 4, Stand NW4-8F
Presenting its melting and hotmelt application systems is Robatech, Muri, Switzerland. The company offers melt conditioning systems for hotmelts in various delivery forms, including granulate, blocks or drums as well as feeding and metering throughflow measuring systems or volumetric metering units. Robatech’s systems can be used with full-surface, closed films or for active breathing, working widths up to more than five meters and can be achieved with our without touching the substrate.

Roll Concept—Hall 5, Stand OM5-27H

Roll Concept’s booth will feature information about logistic applications, such as technical rollers and winding, as well as its new universal core adapter, Corexal, and its cooled or heated rollers for machinery manufacturers and end users. The Roche la Moliére, France-based company offers its lightweight, aluminum rolls as simple profiles or ready-to-be-installed solutions with a large selection of mountings, coatings and coverings.

Schott & Meissner—Hall 4, Stand NW4-10A

The RegulAir convection dryer will be presented by Blaufelden, Germany-based Schott & Meissner. The dryer can be used for melting fibers in combination with the company’s Thermofix LP flatbed laminator to pre-heat the oven for thermal pre-treatment of fiber mats for the automotives industry. The company’s Thermofix LP is used for coating, laminating, heat setting and melting polypropylene felts, fabrics, nonwovens, fibers, powders and granulates.

Steinemann AG—Hall 3A, Stand SP3A-3C
Central vacuum system supplier for manual cleaning and automated waste collection, Steinemann AG, Flawil, Switzerland, will present the latest generation of high vacuum units with energy-saving systems. The company’s vacuums are used to manually clean textile machinery, production areas, underground ducts or air conditioning filter rooms. Also presented will be its easy-to-install filter/waste collection unit, which can be adapted to any type of facility or central waste deposit room.

Stork Prints—Hall 17, Stand DF17-16A
The HSC 103 hotmelt screen coating unit will be on display at rotary screen supplier Stork Prints’ stand. The HSC 103 applies multiple miniature dots of adhesives onto and into the substrate. Laminated materials treated with the HSC 103 are breathable and flexible after bonding and are used in the medical, automotives and weather-protection apparel markets. The amount of hotmelt applied can easily be altered, even during production. By using rotary screen technology, changing and cleaning a screen can be completed in several minutes and the delivery time is shorter than using roll technology.

Technomeccanica Biellese—Hall 4, Stand SP4-18B
On display at Technomeccanica Biellese’s stand will be its new fiber- opening beating machine as well as its Willow Card. The high-performance Willow Card is used for fiber opening, blending and cleaning. The Camburzano, Italy-based company will also display its automatic filtering plant for dust air suction and recycling of by-products.

Technoplants—Hall 4, Stand NW4-4D

A longitudinal belt and saw cutting unit for high loft waddings will be presented at Pistoia, Italy-based Technoplants’ stand. Continuously adjustable, the unit can be used for various cutting applications using a continuous belt. Materials of different densities, thicknesses and patterns can be cut as the material passes through the machine.

Textest Instruments—Hall 5, Stand T5-9C

The FX 3000 Hydrostatic Head Tester III and the FX 3255 Pick Counter equipment will be presented at Zürich, Switzerland-based Textest Instruments’ booth. The FX 3000 Hydrostatic Head Tester III has the same capabilities as the FX 3000 II, as well as an automatic drop recognition module for recording water penetration, increased maximum penetration pressure up to 20 meters of water column and four exchangeable test heads. Other instruments on display at ITMA include the FX 3000 Air Permeability Tester III, the FX 3386 On-Line Air Permeability Tester Profilair II, the FX 3750 Elmendorf Tearing Tester and the L5800 Moisture Meter Drymeter III.

Truetzschler—Hall 2, Booth SP2-5A
As a result of its continuous development efforts, Truetzschler, Moenchengladbach, Germany, will introduce a new card at ITMA. Also showcased for the first time will be the company’s draw frame, featuring several detailed improvements, including quality improvement of the draw frame sliver. Meanwhile, in a joint booth with Dilo, the company will display its newly developed tuft feeder that contains a stock trunk and material separator.

Welker–Hall 2, Stand SP2-14B

Lambrecht, Germany-based Welker will present its new Condibox S, a box-shaped conditioner for yarns and fabrics, at its stand. Visitors will be able to view the system’s features, which include electric water heater, piping between the water pump and electric boiler, an automatic loading platform, a digital graphic recorder and the new Welkodur autoclave body. Welkodur is a stainless steel, mutilayer protection system, which reduces the cost of the autoclave materials.

Wilson Knowles & Sons—Hall 4, Stand NW4-4E
Presented at Wilson Knowles & Sons’ booth will be its 1.4-meter-wide rag shredder. The West Yorkshire, U.K.-based company’s machine is ideal as a preparatory opener before a high-production rag machine facility. A variety of rag machine lags that produce needleloom accessories for the nonwovens industry will also be presented.

Zellweger Luwa—Hall 3A, Stand 3A-8A

Uster, Switzerland-based Zellweger Luwa’s stand will feature the Uniluwa Compact Air Handling Unit. The Uniluwa system is a stand-alone air conditioning unit that has been designed for small air volumes and high, specific heat loads. The system features a modular, in-line layout design with self-supporting, double-skin panel construction casing and the company’s TexFog high-pressure humidifier. Offering a short installation time, flexible arrangement on floors or ceilings and low energy consumption, Uniluwa can be used for temporary applications and can be combined with automatic filters for specific textile applications.

Zentes Unitex—Hall 5, Stand T5-19C

Zentes Unitex, Valdagno, Italy, will present its inspection equipment and microscope, the Promik 400-IMS. This test bench can automate the inspection of even difficult shaped profile capillaries, providing a protocol printout and data storage. The company will also have the new Opumat-Zu, a portable hand-held spin finish tester on display for monitoring finish levels quickly and accurately.

Zimmer AG – Hall 3, Stand SP3-9A

A leading chemical, fiber and polymer engineering technology company, Zimmer, Frankfurt, Germany, will have technical experts available to discuss everything from PA6 carpet recycling technology to PBT polymer production.

Zschimmer & Schwarz—Hall 3, Stand SP3-12C

Lahnstein, Germany-based Zschimmer & Schwarz will introduce its latest product range of spin finishes for staple fibers and nonwovens. The company’s latest developments include Zetesoft FF 100, a single component system for polyethylene fiberfill, Lertisan HE 100, an alcohol and water repellent and antistatic finish for nonwovens, Lertisan NF 20, a primary and secondary spin finish for needlefelts, Lertisan HD 24, a durable hydrophilic finish for hygiene applications and the Lertisan HE 45, a low foaming process aid for spunlaced materials.