35th Annual Buyers’ Guide

June 1, 2005

This annual guide lists nearly every supplier and producer of nonwovens around the globe in one comprehensive listing. This guide is divided into six sections—machinery and equipment suppliers, raw material producers, roll goods manufacturers, contract se

How To Use This International Buyers’ Guide:

For the 35th year in a row, our annual Buyers’ Guide lists nearly every supplier and producer of nonwovens around the globe. Readers have access, in one comprehensive issue, to information on suppliers of machinery and equipment, raw materials and roll goods as well as contract service specialists, consulting services and associations. The listings include contact addresses, phone and fax numbers and e-mail and website addresses.

SECTION I lists suppliers of Machinery and Equipment for the manufacture of nonwovens; the company listings are complemented by cross references that follow the listings.
SECTION II lists suppliers of Raw Materials. A cross reference section detailing the products offered by the companies follows the listings.
SECTION III lists producers of nonwoven Roll Goods, along with details on processes used, fiber types, product sizes and trade names. A cross reference section organized by technology is included at the end of the alphabetical list.
SECTION IV contains a list of Contract Service providers that deal specifically with the nonwovens industry. Each company’s specialty and plant locations are provided. A cross reference section organized by technology is included at the end of the alphabetical list.
SECTION V is a listing of the key Consultants to the nonwovens industry.
SECTION VI provides information about worldwide Trade Associations involved with the industry.

All companies are listed in alphabetical order in the section in which we determined they best fit. Some may appear in more than one section because of overlapping capabilities, although most appear only once. Information contained in each section varies according to the requirements of that segment of the industry. See the opposite page for an alphabetical index of corresponding page numbers for all four cross reference sections.

The information in this International Buyers’ Guide was supplied by each company in response to a questionnaire; the nonwovens industry staff compiled the information in its final form. We have attempted to make this directory as complete as possible. We welcome any corrections and additions, which will appear in the 2005 Buyers’ Guide next July. If there are any changes, please contact nonwovens industry, 70 Hilltop Road, Third Floor, Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA; 201-825-2552; Fax: 201-825-0553; E-mail: nonwovens@rodpub.com; Website: www.nonwovens-industry.com.

Cross Reference Index

This time-saving index lists the categories in each of the Buyers’ Guide cross reference sections—Contract Services, Machinery and Equipment, Raw Materials and Roll Goods.
CONTRACT SERVICES   Spinnerets/Dies  
  Spooling Equipment  
Coating   Spray Systems  
Core/Coreless Winding   Spreaders  
Creping/Building   Spunbond Lines, Complete  
Customer Service   Stands  
Cutting   Static Control Equipment  
Die Cutting   Stitchbonding Equipment  
Distribution   Surface Finishing  
Dry Wipes   Tape Applicators  
Dying   Tension Controls  
Embossing   Testing Systems  
Folding   Thermal Bonding Equipment  
Hot Melt Adhesion   Trim Removal Collection  
Impregnating   Turnkey Systems  
Laminating   Ultrasonic Bonding Equipment  
Licensing   Used Machinery  
Medical   Vacuum Waste Collection  
Packaging   Water Jets/Looms  
Printing   Web Accessories  
Private Label   Web Forming Equipment  
Protective Apparel   Web Guiding Equipment  
Research & Development   Web Handling Equipment  
Sheeting   Web Splicing  
Shoe Coverings   Wet Laid, Complete Lines  
Specialty Applications   Winders, Rewinders  
Spooling   Wipes Production Lines  
Water Proofing   RAW MATERIALS  
Wet Wipes   Acetate  
Windings   Adhesives, Hot Melt  
    Adhesives, Waterborne  
MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT   Antibacterial Agents  
Adhesive Bonding Equipment   Antifoam Agents  
Air Control Devices   Antimicrobials  
Air Through Bonding Equipment   Antistatic  
Airlaid Lines, Complete   Binders/Dispersions/Emulsions  
Aprons   Coatings/Lubricants  
Bale Presses   Curing Agents  
Balers, Shredders   Dyestuffs/Pigments  
Blending/Mixing Systems   Fasteners-Hook & Loop  
Calendering Systems   Fasteners-Tape  
Cards   Fibers/Staple-Acrylic  
Chemical Bonding Equipment   Fibers/Staple-Antistatic  
Chucks/Cores   Fibers/Staple-Bicomponent  
Coating Equipment   Fibers/Staple-Binder  
Compactors   Fibers/Staple-Carbon  
Computer Control Systems   Fibers/Staple-Cotton  
Conveyor Belts/Fabrics   Fibers/Staple-Flame Retardants  
Crepers   Fibers/Staple-Flax/Jute/Hemp  
Crosslappers   Fibers/Staple-Glass  
Cutters, Knives   Fibers/Staple-Nylon  
Cutting Systems   Fibers/Staple-Polyester  
Data Measuring Systems   Fibers/Staple-Polyethylene  
Diaper Lines, Complete—Adult   Fibers/Staple-Polypropylene  
Diaper Lines, Complete—Baby   Fibers/Staple-PVC  
Die Cutters, Rotary   Fibers/Staple-Rayon  
Disposable Bibs Lines   Filaments-Nylon  
Doffers   Filaments-Polyester  
Drive Systems   Filaments-Polyethylene  
Drum Forming Equipment   Filaments-Polypropylene  
Dryers/Cylinders   Films-Apertured  
Dryers/Ovens   Films-Coextruded  
Drylaid Lines, Complete   Films-Embossed  
Dust Pollution Equipment   Finishing Agents  
Dyeing Equipment   Flame Retardants  
Embossing Equipment   Fluff Pulp  
Extrusion Equipment   Fluorochemicals  
Face Mask Lines   Foam  
Feeders   Laminates  
Feminine Hygiene Lines, Complete   Odor Control Agents  
Fiber Handling Equipment   Oil/Stain Repellents  
Filtration Systems   Release Papers  
Flocking Equipment   Resins, Acrylics  
Foaming Equipment   Resins Emulsions  
Folding Equipment   Resins, Polyester  
Food Pad Mfg. Lines   Resins, Polypropylene  
Garnetts   Resins, Synthetics  
Hot Melt Systems   Rubbers/Elastics-Tape/Thread  
Hydroentangling (Spunlace) Systems   SAPs  
Impregnating Systems   Scrim/Netting  
Inspection Systems   Softeners  
Laminating Systems   Spandex-Tape/Thread  
Measuring Equipment   Surfactants/Wetting Agents  
Melt Blown Lines, Complete   Thickeners  
Mixers-Foam   Water Repellents  
Needle Inserters/Removers   Wetness Indicators  
Needle Looms      
Needles-Felting   ROLL GOODS  
Openers   Airlaid  
Packaging Systems   Air Through Bonded  
Printing Systems   Carded  
Pulp Fluffing Machinery   Chemical Bonded  
Pulp Preparation   Composites  
Recycling Systems   Melt Blown  
Roll Handling Systems   Needlepunched  
Roll Packaging   Powder Bonded  
Rolls-Embossing/Treating   Spunbonded  
SAP Applicators   Spunlaced  
Sealers   Stitchbonded  
Shafts   Thermal Bonded  
Shredders   Ultrasonic Bonded  
Slitters   Wetlaid