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Sierra Coating Technologies

June 12, 2013

Offering custom coated and laminated substrates.

Sierra Coating Technologies
1820 Enterprise Drive
DePere, WI 54115

Sierra Coating Technologies, DePere, WI, is a manufacturer of custom coated and laminated specialty substrates for printers, packaging and consumer products. Some of the most interesting developments by Sierra Coating involve nonwovens.

Supporting the nonwovens industry, Sierra Coating Technologies has a unique portfolio of capabilities and product development strengths. “Two key areas use our expertise with laminations and coating processes,” says president Robert Shade. “We often assist brand leader partners in bringing their vision to a practical conclusion.” Sierra makes products that find their way into retail, cosmetic, healthcare, industrial, away-from-home and other markets.

Because of the high value nature of many products, such as in the healthcare industry, Sierra operates under Good Manufacturing Practices standards. Products can be made for FDA compliance with voluntary registration. Independent quality testing is also offered to support customer needs.

Laminated nonwovens

In cases of laminating, or combining nonwovens with various films, Sierra Coating often works in the household products market. Two examples involve adhesive (not mechanical) laminating to achieve dual properties such as absorbency and strength. In the case of the “Sticky Bibs” brand, they laminate to achieve absorbency on one side and a barrier backside. In the production of another household decorative product, Sierra laminates another nonwoven to film as a private contract manufacturer.

Coated nonwovens

The major converting area using nonwovens at Sierra involves coating treatments, using additives such as cleaning/soapy add-ons or other ingredients. The coatings are water-based emulsions for functional and downstream processing properties.

These coated nonwovens include major brands for cleansing and makeup removal, which are “ready-to-wet,” water-activated wipes. Sierra applies wet coatings, dries and sends the result to its customer for packaging or other steps. In the case retail results, Shade points out that these dry products typically have a potentially longer shelf life and are more compact due to reduced packaging for a more environmentally friendly outcome.

Another coated product is a ready-to-wet general cleaning wipe used in away-from-home applications. Sierra is able to boast a higher level of active cleansing ingredients than many of the wet wipes products on the market. Sierra has also developed a drawer liner product coated to have non-skid properties which is marketed by a brand leader customer.

Coated products are delivered with a reliably controlled and “metered” level of ingredient additives. Moving quickly from machine “trials” to product roll-outs is what Sierra delivers due to its experience with nonwovens, other materials and additives. Maintaining the right equipment, understanding chemistries of the coatings and nonwovens materials are factors that come together to provide value-added specialties. Nonwovens laminated and coated by Sierra range from a high content of cellulose, to high PET fiber content. When all the possibilities of combinations are considered, Sierra offers a multitude of continuing product innovations.

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