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Ontex's Male Inco Pad Honored

February 15, 2017

iD for Men named Product of the Year 2017 among Belgian consumers

Ontex’ brand of disposable pads for men has been voted as ‘Product of the Year 2017’ by a large panel of Belgian consumers. The line, marketed under the ‘iD for men’ brand name, Ontex breaks the taboo of involuntary urine leaks, a condition that affects one out of nine men over the age of 50 years.

Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation arranged by Voted Product of the Year Worldwide S.A. The label awards consumer packaged goods that demonstrate innovation and were launched within the previous year. This year, ‘Product of the Year BeNeLux’ has awarded Ontex’ iD for men's product with this prestigious title. The product of the year seal is generally backed by votes of a large group of Belgian consumers, who evaluate different consumer packaged goods based on the following criteria: innovativeness, attractiveness and purchase intent.

Bladder weakness is not that uncommon, affecting almost 10% of the male population over 50 suffers worldwide. Daily activities such as going for a walk, shopping or exercising and even socializing or being at work, can be limited through this inconvenience, often leaving the affected person with a feeling of embarrassment or frustration. Ontex responds to these needs with ‘iD for men’ range and at the same time the Ontex Group successfully breaks the taboo surrounding this unpleasant yet common phenomenon. Therefore, winning the Product of the Year award, does not only show that consumers are longing for protection and security, but also shows the product does the job.

General Manager of Ontex’ Healthcare Division Xavier Lambrecht says, “We are extremely honored. Winning the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation is a fantastic recognition of several years of hard work by many. Reliability and integrity are values that are part of our Ontex DNA. And thus, through innovation and research, creating products that provide people with more confidence in their daily lives definitely fits this picture. We offer innovative and smart solutions responding to the needs of our consumers, to improve their quality of life and give them back their confidence."

‘iD for men’ is a discreet and functional solution for men with light to moderate urinary losses. It has been developed paying extra attention to the physical and emotional implications of all levels of incontinence. With a range of absorbencies and sizes available that suits different needs, the product offers both comfort and maximum protection. Besides being latex-free, the iD pads are designed with an Odour Control Technology system alongside a Power Dry Technology to regain freedom and self-confidence for active men.

The products are available in cspecialized healthcare channels and through a discreet home delivery service.

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