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Sonobond's SeamMaster receives trademark approval

July 17, 2014

Equipment bonds nonwoven and woven synthetic materials.

Sonobond Ultrasonics has been awarded trademark registration for its complete line of ultrasonic sewing equipment that bonds nonwoven and woven synthetic materials. The units are known as SeamMaster Ultrasonic Sewing Machines. They include general purpose and high profile models, table-mounted cutter/sealer units, and modules for original equipment manufacturers.

Sonobond introduced its first SeamMaster Ultrasonic Sewing Machine in October 1991 to meet demands for safer medical garments and disposable items. The machine's high-frequency vibratory waves produce bonded edges and secure seams without stitch holes, glue gaps, fraying or unraveling to meet tough OSHA regulatory requirements for barrier seams.

Applications for SeamMaster Ultrasonic Sewing Machines have expanded over the past two decades and include assembly solutions whenever sewn seams are not adequate to satisfy end-use requirements. For example, the High Profile model is used to seal the outer nylon shell of ballistic vests and produce a bond that complies with National Institute of Justice submersion test standards to protect the inner layer of ballistic-resistant materials from water leaks. Manufacturers of oil containment booms use these ultrasonic machines to produce seams strong enough to support a ten-fold increase in weight due to oil absorption.

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