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Paramount debuts AroKleen Underpads

July 8, 2014

Disposable underpad hits Indian market.

Paramount Surgimed, a leader in India's healthcare and medical disposable products market, has introduced AroKleen Underpads. The product is manufactured at the company's state-of-the-art plant at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan. AroKleen Underpads are designed to feel dry and comfortable using the reticular embossed design to introduce the water diversion towards every side and keep the surface comfortable.

Although the surface of the hospital bed can be cleaned, it is very difficult to completely remove stains from the surface. The simplest way to ensure hygiene and prevent cross infection from blood and other bodily fluids would be the use underpads which are lightly quilted, absorbent disposable sheet. Paramount's AroKleen Underpad product has extra width and length designed for better absorption. It is also skin friendly due to the super-nonwoven as the top layer, which assures skin comfort and prevents skin rashes.

The AroKleen Underpads are medical disposable products that are used for protecting beds, chairs and other surfaces from spillage of body fluid. The company says there is a growing demand for underpads within the hygiene industry. They are used by hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and individuals for various applications such as during or post surgeries, post-surgical dressings and post child birth in maternity wards. They are also used during gynecology check-ups, for patients of urinary incontinence, during changing and massage time for babies, by vets for animal surgeries and dressings, and by pet owners in unfriendly climatic conditions for toilet training young pets.

The AroKleen Underpads are CE Certified as they are manufactured in India now and have a unique special size for intensive care units. The company says it's the only brand in the market that is available in 7 different sizes to suit all applications.

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