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SCA expands TENA range

June 25, 2014

Launches new, higher performance TENA Stretch 3XL Bariatric Brief for larger individuals.

SCA, the maker of TENA incontinence and skin care products, introduced a new, higher performance TENA Stretch 3XL Bariatric Brief to its product portfolio. Now the largest and most absorbent bariatric brief offered by SCA Personal Care, the product's new high rise design, larger waist size and micro-bead technology offers better coverage, faster acquisition rates, and added comfort to help care facilities provide more dependable incontinence protection to larger residents.

More than 60% of people aged 60 and older are obese, and bariatric individuals are more prone to stress incontinence along with skin conditions such as dermatitis and ulcers. The new TENA Stretch 3XL Bariatric Brief is designed for hard-to-fit individuals with extreme obesity, who require a full coverage, high absorbency and ultra-dry incontinence product to help protect them from incontinence related skin issues. Bariatric residents are often challenged in managing their own self-care, such as hygiene and toileting, because of difficulty in moving with ease, further emphasizing the need for comfortable and effective incontinence products.

"As obesity rates in the U.S continue to rise and care facilities see an increase in bariatric admissions, caregivers are challenged to have in place protocols and care programs that are effective and safe both for the bariatric resident and the care provider," says Eric Cohen, absorbent product manager, SCA Personal Care North America. "With our new TENA 3XL Bariatric Brief, SCA has responded to our customers' requests for a larger and better performing 3XL product that delivers dependable incontinence protection and improved comfort for their bariatric residents, while keeping costs low."

The new TENA 3XL Bariatric Brief features the same look and feel as SCA's existing line of TENA Stretch products, which maximizes wearer comfort and fit, and has been well received by care homes. Pairing a larger waist size of 69-96 inches (175-247 centimeters) with a rise increase from 38 inches to 44.3 inches, the product delivers an improved, more flexible fit and limits leakages while residents are lying down and chances of leakage are higher.

Superabsorbent microbeads reduce odor and lock away liquids, making the new product 25% more absorbent than the previous TENA 3XL brief. The increased absorbency and improved fit work together to keep residents 35% drier. New, fully breathable side stretch panels allow air and body heat to easily circulate, while full-length hook and loop clasps enable more secure product fastening.

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