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Ahlstrom extends SBS offerings

June 23, 2014

Company now offers Tandem for light to heavy medical instrument trays.

Ahlstrom has extended its range of sterile barrier systems (SBS) for the medical market. Ahlstrom Reliance Tandem's portfolio now offers sterile barrier systems designed for light to heavy medical instrument trays. The expanded portfolio consists of grades ranging from a light 35 gsm to heavy 85 gsm in four main colors: green, light blue, medium blue and deep blue.

"The variety of weights allows our customers to better meet hospitals' needs. The expanded range can be used to wrap light packs all the way up to heavy instrument sets," says product manager, Mark Berman.

The Ahlstrom Reliance Tandem range utilizes Ahlstrom's most advanced SMS (spunbond-meltblow-spunbond) technology, in combination with its wetlaid and crepe technologies, to provide the optimal combination of sterile barrier systems for sequential wrapping. Sequential wrapping or interleaving combines two Ahlstrom SBS wrap sheets. The two sheets, when used together, offer a higher degree of flexibility in terms of performance, technology, and cost.

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