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Kadant Solutions introduces compact roll cleaner assemblies

May 7, 2014

Kadant Solutions launched its VeriKleen and patent-pending VeriLite roll cleaner assemblies used for cleaning belt and roll surfaces. The new roll cleaner assemblies are compact, lightweight, and rugged devices designed to remove contaminants such as dirt, scale, coatings and adhesives from belts and rolls. The proprietary self-pivoting blade holder provides precise blade loading against the belt or roll resulting in highly uniform cleaning and improved line productivity.

“The VeriLite and VeriKleen products were designed specifically for applications where installation space is tight and the cleaning uniformity demands are high,” says Jerry Vandoros, product manager at Kadant Solutions. “Utilizing strong yet lightweight alloys allowed us to design a system that is both ultra-compact and can be used in applications where conventional roll cleaners cannot. Our customers using the assemblies have been pleased with the ease of installation, cleaning effectiveness and the low maintenance requirements.”

A short movie detailing ways to improve line productivity and safety can be viewed at

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