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New Slabber XLA for Nonwovens

April 23, 2014

Appleton Mfg. Division has introduced and installed a new and more advanced version of the Safe-Slab Core Recycler, the Slabber XLA for nonwovens. Designed for a large consumer products company, this new version brings full automation plus process integration to the original Safe-Slab concept of safe, efficient slabbing and core recycling.

The Slabber XLA for Nonwovens consists of: Conveyor for loading and moving rolls onto the slabbing arm; laser mounted onto slabbing arm to assist with roll positioning; precision and programmed vertical lifting of roll for each cutting pass; fully guarded and interlocked cutting area; programmable cutting device mounted at top of enclosed cutting area; exit conveyor or elevator for moving waste material to downstream processes; and an externally mounted operator control panel.

The company says a high level of efficiency is achieved via automation of the slabbing process. Once the operator loads the roll onto the conveyor everything else takes place in a pre-programmed sequence. A conveyor moves the roll onto the slabbing arm and the slabbing arm raises the roll to the cutting device. Then the material is carefully removed from the core via sequential programmed cutting passes. Removed material is deposited onto the conveyor which then transports the recovered nonwoven material from the enclosed cutting area with the slabbing arm returning to the loading position so the operator can remove the recycled core. Safety and efficiency are improved by utilizing machine automation with no direct operator interaction with the master roll.

Roll Size Technical Specifications: O.D. = 18" - 64"; Length = 10" - 62"; Core I.D. = 6.0” - 6.75"; Wt = 1000 lbs.

The overall design parameters of the Slabber XLA for Nonwovens can be modified to fit a wide variety of installation needs. Changes can be made to the cutting process to accommodate a variety of materials as well as differing capacities.


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