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MTorres launches the TorresHYBRID

April 17, 2014

Offers the industry an alternative for high speed splicing.

MTorres has unveiled their latest splicer, the TorresHYBRID. Designed for lightweight substrates such as thin films and nonwovens, the TorresHYBRID offers the industry an alternative for high speed splicing. Available with a turret unwind the TorresHYBRID offers the benefits of a zero speed splice—excellent splice reliability, reduced waste and reduced tape usage—along with a smaller festoon and smaller footprint.

With its “catapult” splicing mechanism, the splice takes place at a zero relative speed and enables it to have a smaller, festoon utilizing low inertia rolls. Due to the method of tension control, substrates as light microns can be spliced at a production speed of up to 600 mpm (2000 fpm) says the company.

The TorresHYBRID is designed for either a butt splice or an overlap splice with no tail. This means that downstream equipment will not be affected by a tail, removing a potential problem in the converting process.

In conjunction with its options for automation, the TorresHYBRID can  help with the overall production of the facility. The tension control will enable the machine to handle significantly out of round rolls, so rolls that were previously returned to the supplier or scrapped, can now be converted says the company.

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