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RKW poised for growth

April 2, 2014


Index 2014 will see several of the rising number of RKW companies coming together to meet with its global customer base. Recent years have shown considerable successful growth in the size and turnover of the group and RKW is poised for further development in support of its spreading customer base around the world. Understanding the impact on the supply chain that distance from the client–base can make, the company continues to invest across all of its key business interests, focusing on bringing value to its customers, expanding its product-offering in support of market trends and needs, thereby ensuring a firm foothold for the future.
At this show, RKW will be presenting its ever-growing number of offerings in both nonwoven and film intended for divers end-use applications. From single- or limited use purpose through to industrial durables, the company embraces solutions that flow from the many synergies that such a wide portfolio of technologies presents.
Focusing on its commitment to sustainability RKW, will showcase its surprisingly  thin films for the hygiene industry and some new and exciting advancements in the RKW HyJet range of hydro-entangled spunbond that offer great opportunities for innovation.       Complementing this, visitors to the stand will find an extensive range of nonwoven to film laminates destined for businesses ranging from the medical market through to construction and agriculture.
RKW HyJet, with its unique process and properties will be highlighted on the nonwoven side of the business. The hydro-entanglement of the endless filaments creates an extremely soft, bulky nonwoven that offers outstanding puncture and tear resistance. Available in different colours, in hydrophilic or hydrophobic versions, the nonwoven is additionally offered with UV stabilization as well as in a flame-retardant version. The flexibility of the process opens up exciting opportunities by using other additives, thereby extending its value in its end-use.  This nonwoven is equally at home in the hygiene and medical arena, as in automotive, construction, furniture and agricultural areas.
Keen to promote the value-add side of the business, RKW will demonstrate its expertise in printing embossed films using a brand new design especially created for the show. The cute motif is based on the broad theme of forestry and features a variety of fine line printing and innovative design creation techniques.  Building on adding-value, visitors can experience the brand new ultra-thin textile backsheets which are manufactured in the European manufacturing base and destined primarily for the adult incontinence industry. Widely favoured by marketing for its soft and gentle touch, these products bring welcome economies throughout the supply chain.
Commenting on the show, Patricia Featherstone, Director Marketing and Communication for the Global Business Area Hygiene, says “Index is the ideal event to present ourselves to a wider audience and to build on the successful brand that RKW has become over the years. We expect Index 2014 to be our most successful ever and look forward to welcoming our customers and to capturing the new business opportunities that such a show provides.”


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