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Duni reorganizes business

March 27, 2014

Swedish tabletop and airlaid maker Duni says it is creating a new organization based around five business areas with the aim of focusing on profitable growth. The goal is increased customer focus and market segment specialization within the new business areas.

“Duni has created very strong positions on the traditional restaurant market in Europe over the past few decades. However, growth in this market has been low for several years,” says Thomas Gustafsson, CEO, Duni.

“At the same time there are other segments in the European market that are growing quickly, for example fast food, cafés and take-away,” he says. “In addition, there are many geographic markets outside of Europe that are experiencing annual growth in the double-digits.”

In order to better take advantage of the growth possibilities in the above fast-growing markets, the Professional business area is now being split into three business areas:

• Table Top, which will target traditional restaurants primarily in Europe; the business area director is Maria Wahlgren.

• Meal Service, which will target the growing fast food segment in Europe; the business area director is Linus Lemark.

• New Markets, which will be active on fast-growing geographic markets outside of Europe; the business area director is Patrik Söderstjerna.

The current Consumer business area, which targets the consumer market primarily in Europe, will remain unchanged.

The Materials and Services business area consists of all sales that do not fall under the other business areas. This business area will primarily include external sales of tissue, where Duni previously decided to phase out its hygiene sales during the first quarter of 2015. Hygiene sales represented roughly 90% of Materials and Services in 2013.

Duni’s new organization consists of the following five business areas as of January 1, 2014:

• Table Top market: Traditional restaurants, primarily in Europe.

• Meal Service market: Fast food, cafés, take-away, primarily in Europe.

• New Markets market: New markets outside of Europe.

• Consumer market: Consumer market, primarily in Europe.

• Materials and Services: primarily production of the tissue paper Duni uses for its own products as well as the production of hygiene products, which is being phased out.

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