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Jajoo Hygiene begins commercial production

February 27, 2014

JV between Jajoo Surgical and Investkonsult will supply India’s hospital and institution segment with underpads and maternity pads.

Jajoo Surgical, Indore, India and Sweden-based Investkonsult, have officially opened their joint venture, Jajoo Hygiene. The new company will manufacture underpads and maternity pads for the hospital and institution market segment in India. The launch has been met with great interest from the market and the new factory is set to supply high quality products within this segment.

Jajoo Hygiene’s product portfolio includes the brands Pro JS Care Underpad Regular; Pro JS Care Underpad Premium; Pro JS Care Booster pad; and Pro JS Care Maternity pad.

Jajoo Surgical and Investkonsult are both small family-owned businesses and say the new JV is a natural expansion of Jajoo Surgical, one of the leading suppliers in India for bleached cotton. Equipment was shipped to Dewas, Madhya Pradesh in August last year. The production unit is ideally located along a highway to Dehli, which is good for transportation logistics.

“India’s market for hygiene articles is amongst the world’s largest and our products will have great demand for the future,” says Jajoo Surgical’s Rakesh Jajoo.

“This JV proves that it is possible for smaller companies to enter an emerging market and not just the big players,” says Investkonsult’s Johan Berlin.

If the JV is successful plans are in place to expand the business in the future.

For further information or questions contact Rakesh Jajoo at or Johan Berlin at

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