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Green Innovations signs agreement with Laboratoire M2

By Tim Wright | January 15, 2014

Green Hygenics will utilize disinfectant solution for development of the first 100% EPA approved proprietary natural disinfectant wipe.

Green Hygienics, Inc., a subsidiary of Green Innovations Ltd., has formed a supply and distributorship agreement with biosafety laboratory Laboratoire M2, Inc. to utilize their proprietary concentrated disinfectant solution Thymox to develop the first 100% EPA approved proprietary natural disinfectant wipe. Additionally, the distributorship will include their proprietary 100% EPA approved natural liquid surface cleaner.

"Preliminary results achieved in performance tests conducted with the active botanical compounds in this proprietary natural disinfectant indicate a very positive fit with our biodegradable and bamboo fiber technology materials," says Philip Rundle, CEO of Green Innovations. "We are confident that the final product testing will be conclusive by combining their EPA approved active in our wipes for potential resale to the general consumer and healthcare sectors."

Green Hygenics says the potential of this EPA approved natural disinfectant product additive combined with its materials will make its proprietary wipes the only 100% natural disinfectant biodegradable wipe that with kill claims on bacteria under 3 minutes making it "hospital grade" and therefore a breakthrough in the industry.

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