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Trützschler launches filament lines

December 26, 2013

Trützschler Switzerland AG, the youngest member of the Trützschler Group, is broadening its product portfolio by adding a business unit dedicated to filament spinning lines. The first Trützschler BCF lines will start production soon the company says.

Leading up to the launch, the company has reorganized its operation in Winterthur under new technical and commercial management.

The relaunch at the end of last year coincided with a dynamic carpet yarn BCF market, which showed a high level of interest in the technologies offered. In addition to various 2 and 4 end BCF machines, updates to existing lines are being made in the most important markets.

The new BCF systems offer high flexibility and process polyamide 6 as well as polyester and polypropylene without major design changes, and the Swiss texturing technology HPc. As a result, Trützschler Switzerland remains a significant provider within the rapidly growing Chinese investment market for high-quality PA6 yarns for sophisticated contract and automotive carpets.

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