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FibeRio displays MERV 15 and HEPA grade nanofiber at Filtration 2013

November 14, 2013

FibeRio Technology Corporation has introduced MERV 15 and HEPA grade nanofiber filtration media from Forcespinning technology that it is displaying in its booth at the INDA Filtration 2013 tradeshow. Rolls of nanofiber media produced from FibeRio’s Fiber Engine FS1100 achieving high filtration efficiency at very low pressure drop are on display.

Although nanofibers are well known to provide superior filtration efficiency per unit of pressure drop, the benefits in the MERV 15 and HEPA range have never been realized due to the low productivity and high operating costs of current nanofiber production platforms like electrospinning says the company. Therefore, roll goods and filter manufacturers have had to rely on traditional microglass media, which comes with very high pressure drops.

“Forcespinning technology has the high productivity and low operating cost needed for commercial nanofiber production," says FibeRio CEO Ellery Buchanan. "Our customers are commercializing the next generation of nanofiber-based filter media without sacrificing profit margins and the quality control that their customers expect.”

Over the past two months FibeRio has presented the performance of the MERV 15 and HEPA grade produced from the Fiber Engine FS1100 nanofiber production system using Forcespinning technology at the INDA RISE conference and at the AFS Fall conference. The comparative data, according to the company, shows that these turnkey processes from the systems that FibeRio sells have dramatic improvements over current filtration media typically used in these market segments.

“The ability to produce MERV 15 and HEPA grade filtration media from materials like PA 6 and PVDF with a cost effective turnkey process is something no other nanofiber production platform can provide," says FibeRio CMO Roger Lipton. “Companies looking to establish competitive advantage are quickly moving to Forcespinning because they can develop unique products and they can do so cost effectively.”

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