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Ahlstrom introduces Ahlstrom Flow2Save filtration media

October 22, 2013

Ahlstrom has introduced Ahlstrom Flow2Save, a new media for high efficiency air (HEA) filtration applications at the Filtech exhibition in Germany. The patent-pending filtration media is based on a gradient structure combining different advanced technologies.

Ahlstrom Flow2Save provides high filtration efficiency to improve indoor air quality, which is important in public buildings such as hospitals and schools, and crucial to protect people and help alleviate Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). SBS causes skin irritations, headache, and respiratory problems, and thought to be caused by indoor pollutants, microorganisms, or inadequate ventilation.
Ahlstrom says the key value-add is how easily air can flow through the media.

"Ahlstrom Flow2Save has significantly better pressure drop characteristics than other commercial HEA filtration media, meaning it is much easier for the ventilation system to push air through the filter,” says Fulvio Capussotti, executive vice president, advanced filtration, Ahlstrom. “This allows significant energy savings throughout the life-time of the filter. Its sustainability credentials are compelling; cleaner indoor air quality, lower energy consumption and lower costs.”

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