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New Full-Care additions at H.B. Fuller

October 15, 2013

New Full-Care products to be introduced at SINCE 2013.

At SINCE 2013, H.B. Fuller will introduce new portfolio additions to the Full-Care family of adhesives.

Over thirty years of close collaboration with hygiene manufacturers has culminated in H.B. Fuller’s comprehensive Full-Care family of adhesives, which the company says are robust in terms of adhesive performance, supply flexibility and technical support. In addition, Full-Care adhesive solutions offer the functional benefit of potentially helping to lower in-use cost.

At SINCE H.B. Fuller’s technical experts will present, "Adhesives for Thinner Diaper Core Design", October 23, from 14.35 – 15.05. The presentation will cover the role adhesives play in achieving core integrity, and how consideration of the adhesive solution in the early stages of the design can make a significant difference to the size, performance and competitiveness of the final product. 

“We create new adhesives that don’t just hold thinner products together, but improve their performance overall," says Weelim Shie, business director greater China, H.B. Fuller. "In nonwovens, that means more comfort and mobility for the end consumer. Not to mention more diapers on the shelf, lower transportation costs and less material use.”

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