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Poligof acquires Pansac International

October 14, 2013

The Italian company Poligof Spa, founded in 1979 and known for producing films and laminates used in personal care products, has acquired Pansac International based in Mira, Italy. The acquisition will add 70,000 tons/year to Poligof’s production capacity.

“Our objective is to strengthen our competitive position, expand our product portfolio and infuse new research and development into our organization. We believe that this acquisition will benefit our mutual customers across all final product segments,” says Sergio Folli, CEO of Poligof.

Poligof with a turnover of €50 million per year and 105 employees, will continue to operate the Pansac Mira facility where the present turnover is €30 million per year with 95 employees.

Pansac International has a long-standing reputation for its innovative production technique, customer service and environmental platform. Poligof will benefit of the Pansac’s patents related to breathable film production.

“We believe that by operating as one single company, we will create a competitive advantage and greater value for all our customers. They will benefit by this acquisition because several synergies will be activated to provide customers secured quantities and state-of-the-art products for baby diapers, feminine protections and adult incontinence,” says Folli.

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