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Lidl launches eco-friendly diaper range

October 7, 2013

Lidl has launched a new diaper range using the latest DryLock technology to the UK market. The patented-design diapers are just 3mm thick, compared with an average of 8mm, and contain no glue or fluff at the core. The benefits of this slim, fluffless design mean that Lidl can transport 30% more stock per truck and, without glue and fluff, the diapers contain fewer chemicals and are, subsequently, kinder to the environment.

The DryLock founder, Bart van Malderen, has described the diapers as being so thin they're like underwear. Van Malderen goes on to say, "Nappies have been getting thinner and thinner but the missing link was to remove the last few grams of fluff." The diapers are not only incredibly thin and comfortable for the baby to wear, but they're also super absorbent due to the integrated fluid management system.

"We're the first supermarket in the UK to be using the DryLock technology in our diaper range and we're really excited about introducing it to the UK market," says Lidl spokeswoman Georgina O'Donnell. "We're experiencing a baby boom in the UK at the moment so this is the optimum time to be developing and expanding our nappy range. Our current Toujours nappy range has been awarded 'Mumsnet Best' the past three years in a row, beating branded nappies and other supermarket own-label nappies, so this is a really strong category for us. More and more parents are looking to try own-label nappies as word of mouth spreads about the product quality, and awards such as 'Mumsnet Best' build trust in the product."

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