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Alexium advances on Nycolon, proceeds with production trials

September 20, 2013

Production trials are commencing on Alexium International’s Nycolon FR treatments for a variety of synthetic-cellulosic blend fabrics. The transition to production trials marks a key development stage for Nycolon FR treatment on a much larger scale. Positive developments over the last two months have also enabled the inclusion of polyester-cotton blends in the first production trials, in addition to the planned transition on nylon-cotton fabrics.

For Alexium, the production trials scheduled at North Carolina State University (NCSU), one of the premier textile research and engineering institutions, mark the beginning of a key technical stage in the commercialization path. Treating roll goods in these trials will allow Alexium to make rapid progress towards the production scale, capturing and validating important production parameters. This effort will also take advantage of production scale fabric processing equipment to further enhance physical properties of Nycolon treated fabrics.

“We are pleased with the technical progression and the speed in which the team was able to prepare our FR treatment for the next development stage. I anticipate a number of production trials to prove that our Nycolon treatments are robust and production ready for a variety of synthetic-cellulosic fabric combinations,” says Stefan Susta, Alexium’s COO.

Under contract by the US Marine Corps, Alexium‘s affiliate Alexium Government Solutions (AGS), has made significant advances over the last months on nylon-cotton blends, improving the wash durability of Nycolon treatments to 50 home launderings.

AGS successfully concluded the Phase I effort with the US Marine Corps and expects a decision from the US Department of Defense on the possible progression to phase 2 of the program in the near future.

However, expanding on this work, Alexium has made a significant step forward on the development path and commercial adaptation for other fabric blends. Alexium has held off licensing Nycolon on the basis of achieving its own commercial product run. This will enable a licensing of a higher validated and developed product with consequent higher market product price share.

The line trial in September will include nylon-cotton as well as polyester-cotton fabrics, benchmarking production readiness and address potential transition gaps on a number of different synthetic-cellulosic fabric blends.

Alexium International holds proprietary patent applications for a process developed initially by the US Department of Defense , which allows for the surface modification and attachment of nano-particles or multiple chemical functional groups to surfaces or substrates to provide functions such as water proofing, oil proofing, anti-microbial, non-stick and UV protection. Applications under development include but are not limited to textiles, paints, packaging, glass and building materials. Alexium’s fire retardant treatment for 95% nylon-based products is marketed under the Ascalon trademark. Alexium’s fire retardant treatment for nylon-blended materials such as nylon/cotton (nyco), is marketed under the Nycolon trade mark.