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Acme Group launches NeuSorb recyclable absorbents

August 13, 2013

The Acme Group has launched its newest offerings to help North America’s largest manufacturers reach their “Zero Landfill” initiatives. The company has introduced its recyclable industrial absorbents program called "NeuSorb”.

NeuSorb Recyclable Absorbents are a line of industrial absorbents and wipes most commonly used in manufacturing facilities and industrial processes. Instead of landfilling or incinerating spent absorbents, Acme reclaims the material and recycles it using a patented process that turns these troublesome waste streams into usable plastic resin. The resin is highly marketable and is often used by the originating waste generator the company says.

"NeuSorb Recyclable Absorbents are a growing product line," says Matt Utley, director of sales for the Acme Group. "Right now the line comprises of pads, pillows, socks and wipes, but in time it will grow to cover specialty applications for manufacturers everywhere."

The Acme Group is currently partnering with North America’s largest manufacturers to assist them in reaching their environmental initiatives. The company provides custom programs for filtration, absorbents and waste paint overspray. These programs are keeping millions of tons of industrial waste from going to landfill.

As industry continuously looks to streamline their process and improve their environmental impact, The Acme Group has redesigned their business model to positioning themselves as an innovative leader in the field of industrial waste stream recycling.

"We reformulated many of our rolled goods and filtration media making them entirely recyclable," says Utley. "The key was to maintain our high standards of performance, making sure our recyclable material performs the same or better as existing products. If it says NeuBond or NeuSorb on the label, it’s recyclable. Our addition of the NeuSorb product line addresses a major waste stream. It takes us one step closer to helping our customers reach their zero landfill goals, while improving their bottom line."

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