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Kimberly-Clark demonstrates commitment to infection prevention at the APIC Annual Conference

June 7, 2013

HAI prevention product offerings, education, and research help to create a safer healthcare environment.

Kimberly-Clark says that its Kleenex Clean Hands Care Program will be unveiled at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) 40th annual conference. New data related to surface disinfection practices will also be highlighted, reinforcing Kimberly-Clark's complete hand and surface hygiene offering.

Aligning with its dedication to providing infection prevention solutions, Kimberly-Clark delivers critical healthcare-associated infection (HAI) prevention education, products and research to the healthcare community. Approximately 1.7 million hospital patients contract an HAI each year in the U.S., however a large number of these infections are preventable.

"Creating safer healthcare environments is a team effort. Kimberly-Clark designed the Clean Hands Care Program to help drive greater visibility and knowledge of the critical role hand hygiene plays in the transmission of germs. Our goal is to help empower patients, visitors and healthcare professionals alike to work together to reduce the incidence of preventable infections," says Joanne Bauer, president, Kimberly-Clark Health Care. "At Kimberly-Clark, we recognize the continuous need for developing cutting-edge product solutions, producing engaging educational materials and sharing best practices to aid in HAI prevention."

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