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Nordson Highlights OptiBond Solutions

April 24, 2013

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Nordson Corporation OptiBond solutions utilize variation management to optimize material delivery and dispensing. Implementing variation management programs helps disposable hygiene product manufacturers improve production efficiency, decrease maintenance and enhance product quality. The Nordson OptiBond methodology is: Measure, Understand, Improve.

“OptiBond solutions focus on and address two primary causes of production inconsistency, machine direction and cross-web variation,” says Alan Ramspeck, Nordson nonwovens global marketing manager. “Nordson OptiBond solutions can start at the most basic level, such as simply installing a meter to an existing disposable hygiene production line to measure material flow. Accurate measurement allows understanding of flow across the entire machine speed range, even during the demanding ramp-up phase.”

“Once you understand your actual flow rates, you can implement solutions to control the flow,” says Ramspeck. “Nordson offers standalone systems as well as fully-integrated material monitoring and closed-loop control as part of our melters, whatever customers require to meet their specific wants and needs.”

Nordson’s broad range of OptiBond solutions includes: passive or active metering; point-of-application or intermediate system component; and melter-integrated or standalone control.

The recently-released VersaBlue Plus and AltaBlue Touch melters offer optional melter-integrated flow monitoring and closed-loop flow control. Integrating flow control simplifies installation and necessary equipment as well as provides ease-of-use through the melter’s touch screen interfaces; AltaBlue Touch melters use the new, intuitive Optix user interface.

The just-announced Concert series controllers introduce variation management to a broader audience by enabling installation to existing material dispense systems as well as upgrading new systems. Concert standalone flow controllers and temperature controllers use the same easy-to-use Optix interface as AltaBlue Touch melters. The Concert flow controller enables flow monitoring and control while Concert temperature controllers support up to seven hose/gun heating channels.

The new TruFlow meter further expands the OptiBond product family. This meter can be added to existing production lines or included with new systems to provide accurate measurement of material flow, the first step to reducing material consumption and improving product quality. TruFlow meters can be directly linked to a parent machine PLC if desired.

TruFlow meters join TruFlow applicators, dividers, monitors and controls to help disposable hygiene manufacturers reduce material cost and waste. The in-line measurement and flow metering optimize adhesive application efficiency and process control. TruFlow products can be used independently or in combination with other TruFlow products, as well as with existing Nordson delivery and dispense systems.