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MTS To Host Conference On Absorbent Disposables

April 24, 2013

Includes tour and demonstration of the MTS airlaid and testing facilities.

From May 21-23, 2013 at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Kalamazoo, MI, Marketing Technology Service, Inc. will host a comprehensive briefing on absorbent disposables. The two and a half day event focuses on designing superior diapers, feminine pads and wipes.

This is an ideal conference for technical people involved in design and QA, and it is also a unique chance to see technology that is seldom presented. It covers absorbent products design in a format understandable to non-technical people in sales, marketing or management, as well as to technical people new to this industry. Extensive use of videos and demonstrations will illustrate the concepts and interactions of design choices. Complex chemistry and mathematical modeling will be avoided, but delegates will find themselves exposed to a large amount of technical information that is generally considered to be “secret” says MTS.

In addition, delegates will view elaborate airlaid SAP composites and advanced wiper fabrics in production.

This conference is about the nuts and bolts of how to design, qualify and compare disposables. It covers what’s important to consider for success, what data looks like, and how it is generated for maximum effect.

Subjects to be covered include these and more:

• Predicting Performance in the Real World
• Testing Test Fluids and Method Selection – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
• Protocols Considered and Compared
• Acquisition of Liquids in Complex Systems
• Fluid Transport in Thin Products
• SAP Technology and Engineered SAP Performance
• Comparing Fluff Pulps
• Comparing Superabsorbents
• Comparing Blends of Fluff and SAP
• Analyzing SAP Content in Unknown Diapers
• 25%, 50% and 75% SAP Cores Compared
• 2010-2013 Diaper Comparative Test Results for Commercial Diapers
• Layered Assemblies and Implications
• Density Gradient and 3-D Structures
• Evolution of Shaping, Density and Thickness
• Thin Baby Diaper Approaches and Implications
• Adjusting Diaper Design Formulas to Accommodate Material Price Shifts
• Technology Changes and Evolution of Product Offerings
• Superabsorbents: Players, Worldwide Capacities, Forms, Chemistries, and the Future
• Urination in Children and Adults: Designing for Differences in Age, Day versus Night, and Symptoms
• Adult Incontinence: Segmentation, Prevalence, Flow Rates and Amounts by Type
• Skin Care Management in Baby Diapers, Adult Incontinence and Wipes
• Hard-surface Wipers – Materials Impact and Performance Evaluation
• Fluff Pulp: Worldwide Capacity by Producer and Types, and Implications for Fluff Pulp Selection
• Hammermill Variables, Optimization of Results, and Fluff Grade Selection for Diapers and Wipes

Program highlights include:
• Feminine Hygiene Pads: Fluff, Airlaid, and Foam-based Systems Compared
• Marketing and Product Needs – Influence of Obesity, Medication and Other Health Trends
• Barrier Film Technology and Applications - Testing, Selection, and Trends
• Core Integrity and Evaluation
• Blended SAP Systems and Layering Options
• Viable Low-cost Options for Pulpless versus Near-pulpless Designs
• Instructive Designs of the Past Serenity Change ‘N Go Phases Goon White Cloud Infinity Envive
• Preformed Cores – Implications and Challenges • Roll Good Absorbents, Synthetic Alternatives, and other Options for Thin Cores

On Thursday May 23 there will be a MTS airlaid plant tour and demonstration from 8:30-11:00 am. A short bus trip will take delegates to the MTS facilities. Delegates will observe the production of grades of ultrathin and exotic hygienic composites including: diapers-on-a-roll, ultra-high-percent SAP composites, two-sided wipers and 100% synthetic absorbent core.

In addition, the MTS testing facility will be demonstrated, including hammermills, nit counters and advanced testing devices. This is a special opportunity since airlaid plants are seldom open for public tours and this particular facility has unique product design capabilities. All delegates will receive a sample fabric book from the demonstration runs in addition to the conference proceedings.

MTS is at IDEA13 Booth 1543.

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